Michael James wins the SA Online Chess blitz event on Lichess

Michael James
The champion, Michael James (Credit – Facebook profile pic)

Michael James from Cape Town, using the handle MANDOTA won the 2 hour blitz event on Thursday evening on the 12 of April 2018. It was a fantastic tournament with at least 70 players.  In second place was Lindokuhle Xulu (supereu) based in Durban followed by Keith Khumalo (Gupta_Approach).

At 2 hours the event was very tough and it proved to be a brutal affair. By the time the dust had settled there was only one winner and that was none other than Michael James who is already known in the chess circles for his very impressive blitz.

Players are already enquiring about when the next SA Online Chess event will be held. We keenly await details of the next event from Head of SA Online chess – Mfundo Masiya who did a great job in organising the event. There is an SA Online Chess group on Whatsapp where details of these events are shared. This website will also be used to share details of any online chess events coming up in South Africa.

A few stats on the winner in the event.

Performance 2274
Games played 27
Win rate 78%
Berserk rate 0%
Average opponent 2002

His performance rating was an impressive 2274 and he played 27 games winning 78 of them and his opponents in the event had an average rating of 2002. That is not too shabby at all.  Let us see how how number 2 and number 3 faired in the same event.

How does this compare with the stats for the whole event in general?

Average rating 1808
Games played 500
Moves played 35,213
White wins 47%
Black wins 49%
Draws 4%
Berserk rate 15%

The average rating of players in the event was 1808. 500 games were played in the event and the total number of moves was 35, 213. White won 47% while Black won 49% which is quite surprising as you would expect white to win more games than black. Just 4% of the games were draws and the berserk rate was 15%.

Here are a few games from the winner in the event:



In the following game Michael was clearly lost but won resulting in a very upset Themba Nene (shipping) who simply could not understand how a player without mating material was given the win. This game was the subject of a long debate as chess players weighed in on the matter.


To view the whole tournament please check out the link below.